12. Please read the following text and answer the question which follows. Answer the question according to only the information contained within the text.

Company: Good afternoon, sorry about the wait. You are speaking to Mark, I will be your support assistant today, and how can I help you?

Customer: I have a problem with the product that you have sold me.

Company: Ok. Would it be possible for you to give me your name and policy number?

Customer: Yes, my name is Miss Elizabeth Kenton, policy number 17038115.

Company: Thank you. Ok, I can see all your details up on the system now. Would you like to tell me what the problem appears to be?

Customer: Well, I have tried to use your product and it simply will not work. I also telephoned your technical support team and they were unsupportive. I do not have the time to speak to them any longer. I am simply frustrated that I cannot get any answer.

Company: I am so sorry to hear that Miss Kenton. Let me see if I can resolve it for you. Have you tried holding down the on button for 2 seconds?

Customer: Well, no, I haven't tried to do anything as I was scared of doing something wrong and making the problem worse. Ok, let me try that, bear with me a second. Well, I never, it's worked! Thank you!

Company: Fantastic. I am so sorry for any inconvenience that has been caused Miss Kenton.

Customer: Thanks for all your assistance, you have been so helpful. I am so happy to get to use this product now. What was your name again?

Company: My name is Mark. If you do have any further queries, please don't hesitate to give me a call.